This page has been designed to give you the opportunity to overview the full range of our work. Here you can find video clips of the guitars and basses showing the LEDs at work, as well as short sound samples of the instruments after (!) LED-ization to demonstrate that they are still at full musical strength (recorded with the LEDs "on"!!!). The third download section wants to invite you to listen to complete songs of  n & b project in the definitive mixdown.

Video Downloads

* YAMAHA RGX A2 (No. 11) video and sound sample ( 4 MB)

* Epiphone Flying V Custom Shop (No. 9), flash arrows (3.69 MB)

Sound Samples

* Yamaha BB N4 Bass (No. 2), Song: Journey (800 kB)

* Jackson DR 3 (No. 1), Song: Journey (811 kB)

* Peavey Eddie van Halen "Wolfgang" (No. 5), Song: Journey (514 kB)

* Epiphone Flying V (No. 9), clean, Song: Bridge (300 kB)

* Epiphone Flying V (No. 9), distorted, Song: Bridge (467 kB)

* Epiphone Flying V (No. 9), distorted, Song: Toccata (J.S. Bach) (3.13 MB)

Complete Songs

* Journey 6:10 (5.64 MB)

* Soul Fragments 4:54 (4.48 MB)

* Bridge 5:21 (4.90 MB)

* J.S. Bach: Toccata in D minor, BWV 565, 3:25 (3.13 MB), arranged for solo guitar by B. Bauer

please note: all songs published on this website -if not otherwise declared- are written by Nikolas and Bernd Bauer and are property of n & b project ! Any duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

we are:

Nikolas Bauer

e-drums and percussion

Bernd Bauer

guitars, guitar to MIDI, bass, keyboards

we use:

Yamaha e-drums, Line 6 Vetta Head, Line 6 Bass POD, Roland GR 20 Guitar Synth, Doepfer SK 2000 Keyboard, Cubase SX Sequencer Software

Attention: we heartily invite other musicians to an online transfer of tracks, composing sessions, recording projects or whatever.                                  Contact us (home@led-guitars.com).