YAMAHA SRX 350 Bass (No. 12)

* YAMAHA RGX A2 (No. 11)

* side dot rings reflect light...

* ...and UV light!

* OUR 5TH ANNIVERSARY MODEL: Fender 60th Anniversary Stratocaster (No. 10)

* Handmade precious abalone inlays, perfect fit guaranteed. The SMD-LEDs are invisible when off

Handmade aluminium trussrod cover, brushed and shining. Headstock "diamond" with SMD-LED

* Five SMD-LEDS forming the diamond shape

Epiphone Flying V Custom Shop (No. 9) with white front and side dots, headstock LASER and flashing red arrow leds (bridge, pickguard and headstock)

This is to show you the order of shinig up of the arrow LEDs. There is one more arrow every second (time is adjustable). To see it "live", download a short video here.

IBANEZ "Flower" JEM (No. 7) with headstock LASER and green side-dots.

Side dot colour matches exactly with the fingerboard inlays.

IBANEZ JEM 77 "rock mirror"            (No. 6).

PEAVEY Millennium Bass                (No.8) with two-colour layout and dimmer for side dots.

Our first instrument with front and side dots in different colours.

B.C. Rich Warlock Bronze Series  (No. 4)

Headstock-LED as special feature.

Integrated mini-on-off-switch.

Jackson DR 3 (No. 1) with RGB-multicolour-LEDs and body artwork

Classic shaped model (No. 3)with superbright green fingerboard dots, side-dot illumination and four body LEDs.

Side dots seen from the player´s view.

Toggle switch easy to reach between the tone knobs.

Yamaha BB N4 bass     (No. 2) with blue LEDs and side dot illumination

"Blue meets natural".

Peavey EVH "Wolfgang"   (No. 5) with amber front and side dots.

Five body LEDs in chrome casings.

From the player´s view.

...more to follow soon!